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London Gallery Quire


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Kew Gardens and Lake
Kew Gardens and Lake

  Bromley and Stapleford Abbotts    
10O come, loud anthems let us singPs 95NV*ThomasClarkPDFSIBiPAD
14O for a thousand tongues to singCharlesWesleyLynghamThomasJarmanPDFSIBiPADMID
16Lo! He comes, with clouds descendingCharlesWesleyHelmsley**PDFSIBiPAD
29Ye saints and servants of the LordPs 113NVWhitehaven?HodgkinsonPDFSIBiPAD
45O King of kings, before whose throneJohnQuarlesHomertonThomasJarmanPDFSIBiPADMID
122O praise the Lord, in that blest placePs 150NVWhitsundayJosephStephensonPDFSIBiPAD
383Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutesBCP*AnthemJohnBishopPDFSIBiPAD
419All people that on earth do dwellPsalm 100OVOld HundredthLouisBourgeois PDFSIBiPAD
432Breathe on me, breath of GodEdwinHatch CarlisleCharlesLockhartPDFSIBiPAD
490O come hither, and behold the works of the LordPsalm 46BCPAnthemFrancisRoadsPDFSIBiPADMID
594O God we praise thee, and we ownJohnPatrickTe DeumJohnBishopPDFSIBiPADMID
74Praise ye the Lord ... Psalm 111NVOldhamSamuelWebbePDFSIBiPAD

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