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London Gallery Quire


Current Repertoire

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Some of the music can also be heard if you have the Sibelius Scorch plug-in. This can be downloaded FREE from HERE.
For iPad users, there is now a Scorch App which enables you to hear the music and to amplify individual parts; more information and link to download site HERE.

Unfortunately, some browsers are not now supporting Scorch so MIDI Files are also available for more recent additions to repertoire.

Big Ben in the Snow
Big Ben in the Snow

    For Early 2019    
105God of love my shepherd is, TheGeorgeHerbertUniversityCharlesCollignonPDFSIBiPADMID
211On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cryCharlesCoffinWinchester N.**PDFSIBiPADMID
291What star is this, with beams, so brightC.CoffinRefugeJohnMoretonPDFSIBiPADMID
302O God, who by thy star was ledanon*DenmarkMartinMadanPDFSIBiPADMID
306Brightest and best of the sonsReginaldHeberAthaliaGeorgeHandelPDFSIBiPADMID
307Hark, how all the welkin ringsCharlesWesley*Eng. trad.*PDFSIBiPADMID
309The race that long in darkness pinedJohnMorisonDundeeThomasRavenscroftPDFSIBiPADMID
417Sons of men, behold from farCharlesWesleyEpiphanyAnon. PDFSIBiPADMID
588Jesus shall reign where'er the sunIsaacWattsPraiseAnon. PDFSIBiPADMID
Added 9th January 2019 - for Burnt Ash Methodist Church
5I will arise and go to my fatherLuke XVAV***PDFSIBiPADMID
222Rejoice, the Lord is KingCharlesWesleyHighburyCharlesWesley jrPDFSIBiPADMID
315Hear my prayer, O LordBCPPs55AnthemVaughanRichardsonPDFSIBiPADMID
500The Lord will happiness divineWilliamCowper KathrynRosePDFSIBiPADMID
589Behold the Saviour of mankindJohn WesleyKnaresboroughJamesLeachPDFSIBiPADMID
74Praise ye the Lord ... Psalm 111NVOldhamSamuelWebbePDFSIBiPAD

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