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CD: "Praise Ye the Lord" - out of stock at present

Released at our 10th Birthday party in Kentish Town on 17th June, 2007, the CD contains 20 tracks recorded at the Woodbridge Chapel, home to the Clerkenwell & Islington Medical Mission.

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1. Lonsdale - from Corelli, "Come, we that love the Lord"
2. Psalm 23OV - Thomas Clark, "My Shepherd is the living Lord"
3. Psalm 109NV - Phocion Henley, "0 God, whose former mercies make"
4. Anthem - ms sources, "1 will arise"
5. Cyprus - James Leach, "Lord, hear my supplicating voice" (Psalm 119NV)
6. Hymn no.12 - Samuel Webbe, "Praise Ye the Lord" (Psalm 111NV)
7. Anthem from Psalm 18 - William Knapp, "In my trouble 1 called upon the Lord"
8. Rineton - anon. "Lord let thy servant now departquot; (Nunc Dimittis)
9. Jubilate Deo - Joseph Key, "0 be joyful in the Lord" (Psalm 100BCP)
10. Psalm 42NV - Colby mss, "As pants the hart for cooling streams"
11. Belvedere - G.Titlar, "0 for a shout of sacred joy" (Psalm 47IW)
12. Anthem from Psalm 5 - ms book, "My voice shalt thou hear in the morning"
13. 1Cor.11 para I Watts - Colby ms, "'Twas on that dark, that doleful night"
14. Psalm 21NV - ms sources, "The king, 0 Lord, with songs of praise"
15. "Great monarch of the world" - William Knapp
16. Anthem from Psalm 26 - Taggart ms, "I'll wash my hands in innocency"
17. Psalm 69NV - John Miles, "Save me, 0 God"
18. Anthem from Psalm 46 - Francis Roads, "God is our hope and strength"
19. Carol - anon, "The holly and the ivy"
20. Carol - anon, West country ms book, "Arise and hail the glorious star"

The CD has an accompanying booklet with details of sources and composers and has full texts for each track.

Sadly our stocks have run out, and at present no decision has been made to reprint - but watch this space.

Here are a few MP3 files to give you a sample of what can be heard on the CD.

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Live Recordings from Concerts and Services
Recorded by Brian Stewart, the flautist in the quire.

Recordings made at a service in St.John's, Hampstead, in April, 2012

Recordings made at Christmas concerts in The German Lutheran Church, Alie Street, Aldgate, in Dec 2009, Dec 2010 and Dec 2011

Recordings made at a service in St.Mary's, Addington, Croydon, in October, 2011

Recordings made at a concert Salters' Hall, Fore Street, in March, 2009

Recordings made at a concert in The German Lutheran Church, Alie Street, Aldgate, in June, 2008

Recordings made at a Christmas concert in St.Richard's, Ham in December, 2006,

Recordings made at a church service in The Chapel of God's Gift, Dulwich, February 2007, the choir augmented by students and staff of Dulwich College.

Recordings made at a church service in Unity Church, Upper Street, Islington, March 2008.