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Charity Concerts

London Gallery Quire is pleased to offer our music in aid of a suitable charity. We enjoy performing for charity, but would need the charity to be responsible for the administration needed for a well attended concert.

West Gallery church music is still unfamiliar to many people. Our repertoire is lively and accessible, and perhaps not what many people think of when the term “church music” is mentioned. Before promoting a West Gallery concert, it is as well to be aware of the musical fare that will be on offer. Information is available from the websites below.

To promote a successful concert, the charity’s administration team will need:

  • A venue, such as a supportive church
  • A suitable date and time
  • Publicity (websites, news media, fliers, posters etc.)
  • On site organisation (admission, possible refreshments, information about the charity, etc.)

None of this is done by London Gallery Quire personnel, though our advice is freely available. If you wish to take this matter further, please contact:

We plan our programme up to a year ahead, so long notice is advisable. For further information about West Gallery music please visit: